Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moustache Mugs!

Oh am I ever excited about today's post!  This summer I bought a mug from Starbucks that you can write on to personalize it.  I got it for a friend for her birthday and even though I wrote a bunch of stuff on her mug there was lots of the enamel paint left over.  I of course being a craft hoarder kept the pen even though I had no clue if I would ever use it again.

Enter in a quick trip to the store to pick up some supplies to finish up some Christmas pressies (we're getting down to the wire here) as I was looking for what I needed I found some ceramic mugs that were all black.  Instantly I fell in love and the final two in the store leapt into my cart because I had a plan, a very good plan indeed.  I was going to take a plain jane, or should I say a Black Jack, mug and turn it into a...

Oh yeah baby!  Those mugs were beggin' for a makeover that would take them into the WOW world of blogging :)  For those with more delicate mouths I made a smaller 'stache...

Because I was having so much fun taking pictures with my cool new mugs...

Honestly these mugs were easy peasy!  I just traced out a mustache that I liked onto paper.  Then I traced that image onto my mug, colored it in and let it dry.  Per the directions on the pen I waited an hour for the paint to dry and then baked those suckers for 20 minutes at 450!

I have plans to raid the thrift store on Friday...I'm hoping to find me some awesome mugs at killer prices.  What I really want to find is a bright red one and I'll paint a mustache on for Old St. Nick!  I'm sure they make paint enamel pens in all colors so just watch out world...I'm on a roll...

Oh and just so you all know that I can be serious (when I want to be) here is a nice pic of me in my new cowl that I fought for tooth and nail at our annual Christmas Knit Night...

My bestie knit it so I knew it was worth fighting for.  Didn't know I was a fighter did ya?  


Okay, so be honest the pics, delightful right?  Husband doesn't see the glamor of the moustache but I do.  What are your thoughts?  Honestly I think I could whip up enough of these for everyone on my list this ridiculously easy but fantastically perfect :)


  1. haha buffy, you're so cute! those stash mugs are adorable! i like the little one. (being all dainty and such) hee hee... that cowl is gorgeous! def worth the fight!! great gift idea! xo

  2. Thanks Becca! I have some serious plans here to make more...I may even sell what I make only time will tell :) Honestly, I loved all the pictures I took of myself and was so excited as that NEVER happens. It was an early, mini Christmas pressie from my camera ;)

  3. Love your 'stash mugs! Super cute and trendy. Your pictures are precious. I especially like your idea to make a red St. Nick one. You could even draw on a black belt at the bottom of the mug! Oh, your cowl is beautiful!

  4. Buffy, buffy you're so fine, you're dainty mustache blows my mind...j/k! Love it! You look ahhhbsolutely gooohrgeous in your pics dahling...goooorgeous! LOve the tute and the knitting lovely at the end! xoxoxo

    p.s. there's something coming your way from me in the mail!

  5. LoLz :)your stash mugs! Super cute and trendy.I Love this.
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