Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Sweater Knitalong!!!

No, the date is right don't freak out just yet, I am in fact posting TWICE today.  Why?  You might ask...well that is simple I had two completely no related topics to discuss today and really didn't want to have a post go up tomorrow so here is a double feature for you all!

As you know I have joined in luvinthemommyhood's Summer Sweater Knitalong and so far it has been absolutely a blast.  I love my sweater choice.  It has just the right amount of patterning to keep it interesting but not so much that I feel like pulling out my teeth.

Of course everything doesn't go perfectly and on the 4th I realized that I was going to have to frog about 6 inches of knitting because I made the same mistake twice on a cable.  Originally I was just going to let the first oopsie slide but when I made it again...well, it was 2 too many and I knew I wouldn't be happy if I didn't fix it.

I had hoped to be able to finish the front on Monday, but with the frogging and the fact that I can't really knit this and carry on a conversation so I didn't get to knit it as much as I hoped.  So last night I stayed up until 1ish and finished the front!  I'm so excited :) :) :)

As a side note I've been following along in the ravelry discussion and some ladies have already finished their sweaters and are starting a second!   Plus my friend Rebecca of nook. who is participating is almost done with hers too!  It looks amazing. That is just amazing to me.  I'm really hoping to have this finished and my other sweater by September 1st.  

Yes, I know my sweater is a little dirty...the dark color really attracts all the strings it picks up along the way.  But not too worry, it'll get washed when I block it.

I love the collar!

I really think it was the ribbing that made me choose this pattern.

I think it would just be awesome to have 2 hand knit sweaters ready for fall.


So what do you think of my progress?  If you're working on a sweater how is your progress coming?  I'd love to see more pics of people sweaters!  


  1. You're doing fab Buffy! Love them both! rebecca is just a machine...I seriously don't know how she does it. She was only a few inches bigger than mine on sat and now she's almost done!!! Mine is trucking along though, slowly but surely. Thanks for your sweet email this am.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend :)

  2. They both look fantastic--love the colors! I enjoy having one complex and one simpler project on the needles and these are great choices. You are well on your way to having two gorgeous new sweaters for yourself...can't wait to see more :)!

  3. your sweaters are coming along nicely!! love it! i'm not really a machine though ;) just ridiculously obsessed. hahah


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