Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3 Weeks and 420 Minutes Later

Can you believe that we're starting the final full week of June?!?!  I know I can't.  I remember as a young girl the days would just drag on and having to wait until tomorrow felt like eternity but now a day just flies by and most of the time I can't think straight enough to remember what I did.  I sure hope I'm not the only one :)

Well I'm 3 weeks into my challenge and as it stands my suburban can't hold much more if I plan to run to Goodwill with my kids in tow.  This upcoming week will be my hardest week ever.  Not only is summer here along with all of my kids but this is the week I'm going through the crafty stuff!  Oh my, I'm not sure I'm ready for this.  Yet it must be done.

However, I know that when the week is over and I have just a couple more days of extra purging in other areas I will feel so much better.  Honestly I wish I had a scale to weigh all the stuff I've gotten rid of these last 3 weeks.  I think it would be really cool to see the number just because I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  It would be great to see what that number is.

You will just have to settle for a different number: 420!  That is right I have spent 420 minutes cleaning, purging, and organizing!  How long is that in hours you ask?  7!  That is almost a full work day...actually it is closer to an 8 hour work day than you think because it has been an uninterrupted 7 hours.  When was the last time you spent a full 7 hours cleaning...without any breaks?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that answer is next to never.

20 minutes adds up fast but feels so painless.  It is quick, easy and most importantly the job gets done!  How many times have you wished you could do something but didn't because you couldn't find 3 or 4 hours to dedicate to the task?  Yet here I sit 3 weeks into my challenge and have 7 hours under my belt!  I have accomplished something that many would scoff as impossible because they didn't think about breaking the work up in chunks.  Or maybe they didn't want to break it down because they wanted it done fast and since it couldn't be done quickly they gave up.

This is a sad fact but so true.  Sometimes we put of dreams and wishes because the complexity of them overwhelm us coupled with our cultures current fast pace and that our houses should be clean and orderly in as much time as it takes a team of a hundred to build a house in a week!  Yet really, what is mostly needed is a little perspective.  We didn't get messy over night and we won't get clean that way either.

Okay, enough blathering and the self-help talk.  I'm just so excited to have gotten rid of so much stuff!


What are you most proud of today?  Is there something you've been putting off because you don't think you have time for it?  Is there something that you could start working on just 20 minutes a day?  Leave a comment and let's work on this together!


  1. After having our things for 3 weeks there are only 3 boxes left inside the house. The garage is a bit different, but I would say there are less than 10 boxes out there...probably more like 7. The donation pile is so large I swear we could furnish an entire house with everything except actual furniture. I know as soon as this project is over I am going to feel truly amazing...for now there is still that general air of unrest a person gets when things are still undone. I've just got to keep at it to meet my goal...I've got one week left to be fully unpacked/purged/organized...I don't know if I can do it, but so far I'm at least 3 years ahead of our last move (woohoo!). Thanks for the "push".

  2. Oh Nellie I am so happy to hear about your progress! I am so amazed at all that I have accumulated through the years, the stuff that I thought I needed but then never used. How easily I get sucked into commercialism and the like. Right now I'm even wondering how we're going to do Christmas this year...I really don't want to add back into the fray new things but at the same time I love getting gifts!

    Keep up the good work and Husband often accuses me of being pushy ;)


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