Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I've Been Creating!

I thought I should show you a few pics of the things I've been making lately.

I spent an hour one night and came out with an outfit for Elsbeth!

Okay so I'll be honest and tell you that the shorts were almost done when I started.  I just had to sew the casing for the elastic and then thread the elastic through, sew the elastic together and close up the hole.  10 minutes at most.  The fabric was recycled from a pair of pants that I had that no longer fit (too big) plus they had holes at the seams.  I liked it because it has just a little Lycra in it so they have a bit of stretch.  Also, it is always nice to not have to buy fabric and great to reuse it too.

The shirt however was a different story.  It was intended for Thaddeus (yes, the baby who is only 13 months oops 14 months old).  I cut it out last November in hopes to make it into a pair of jammies for him (he went through a nightgown phase for pj's).  So I cut out a 1T from a Large Men's long sleeve tee that I bought for a quarter...that's right $0.25!  I reused the the cuff and collar ribbing and kept the bottom hem (yea! no hemming!)  but as you can see from the picture it is a little big even on Elsa...I can't imagine what it would look like on Thaddeus ;)

Still, it is a nice top.  I loved that I upcycled it and that it was so cheap!  I do think I'll add a little elastic on the sides of the top to a ruched look and maybe add a cute girlie applique!

More in upcycling adventures I took this:
lace table cloth and a bed sheet

and  made this...

Sorry about the photo quality but alas the camera is still broken and I'm using my cell phone to take photos.  I love upcycling either by taking unusual items such as a tablecloth and bed sheet or just repurposing old clothes like ill-fitting pants of mine to make something else.  Besides feeling uber crafty I also feel responsible by not contributing to waste and reusing what I have.

I've got some more fun posts this week so stay tuned.


What have you guys been up to lately?  Have you made anything awesome you'd like to share?  Just add the link in your comment.  Whatever you do, just keep at it!


  1. Matthew and I are amazed at how talented you are!! I mean, a table cloth and a bed sheet turned into a dress? Which, you look gorgeous in! Awesome job!!

  2. Well, you guys write songs and I make dresses...it is fun. Thanks so much for the luv :)

  3. Wow! You look great. I can't believe you just whipped that up dress. Beautiful. I love the long skirt style on you!


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