Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

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No, I haven't forgotten you my lovelies!  However, blogger was having issues Thursday and Friday and I opted to skip the headache and hang out with my kiddos.  This weekend we had a bridal shower at the church in which I was finishing up the gift Saturday along with writing the devotional for the shower.  Pics of the gift to come and hopefully this week I can get a quick edit of the devo I wrote and post it all for you to read here.  I also decided to make a dress for Sunday, so you can imagine that everything I had been doing got pushed to the side.  Oh well, life moves on.

Today's post is gonna be more of an informational post than anything.

1. Weigh In Tuesday- I have not abandoned my goal.  No, I've been thinking and brainstorming and have decided to take the rest of this month get a really good plan written out.  Don't worry I'm not eating everything in sight, though I am struggling with the water again.  Tips on that anyone?  I'd love some free advice about how to stay hydrated.

2. In addition to jump starting my weight loss goals, next month I will be doing another form of weight loss…a HOUSE PURGE! Yes, just like last august…only better, more detailed, more fun and I really hope you all join in with me.  I plan on having a few giveaways too, so stay tuned.

3. Thaddeus is walking.  No I haven't recorded it yet…as soon as I whip out my cell phone he starts crawling.

4. Our camera broke.  I was handing it off to Husband and we both dropped it…no one really to blame but slippery fingers.  Problem is to get it fixed will cost $$$ but we don't want to spend it.  We could probably try to fix it ourselves but that would void the warranty, which wouldn't be a problem if we bought it last year but we didn't.  We've had it about 6 weeks.  So frustrating.

5. I'm working on a dress design.  So excited.

Well, that is about all I have today.  I hope the weather has been nice wherever you are.



  1. My mom told me about your great devotional for the bridal shower. Can't wait to read it!

  2. Yes...to stay hydrated as well as for weight loss...try Chia seeds. You can find them in the health foods depts. They expand in your stomach by absorbing water and using it when you need it. Also by expanding it curbs your hunger. Look it up o the net...good luck.

  3. I have Nalgene bottles... I fill it up and set it out on the counter and take it with me everywhere I go. I try to drink two a day (they are 32 oz. bottles). I'm ok with drinking warm water. If that's an issue for you then it won't work. Anyways, just having the water in a bottle sitting on the counter helps me. Also, keeping soda out of my house helps me to drink water! :)
    Oh, also, if I have an 8oz. glass of milk (or any other liquid that isn't caffeine)then I dump 8oz. of water out.
    Good luck!


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