Sunday, March 21, 2010

What happens when I'm not tired...

So, you could say that it is either early in the morning or late at night but whatever you call it I'm up and just starting to get sleepy.

So I thought to myself 'what could I do?' Study for that psychology final I need to take? No...although I'm not very tired my brain is too muddled for sleeping. I can't sew because my husband is sleeping (the sewing machine is in our room), I could knit and it may even help me go to sleep (just imagine rocking and knitting at the same time) but I oddly don't feel very crafty right now. So I decided to write and update the blog just a little.

I may not be feeling crafty at the moment, but I have been busy. As you know I took a tip from and made a mitten of the month club set...okay, so it is more like a something-for-your-hands-that-I've-knitted-club as I have two fingerless mitt patterns and one gauntlet. For January you saw that I made Vinny his own mittens. February I was really good and knitted fingerless mitts on the trip over to see the family. Of course I've been bad in posting them here. Partly because, while they are finished, I don't like the cast-off edge and need to fix them. However, I shall not keep the picture of them from you any longer.

The Pattern is Fetching, by Cheryl Niamath and was free from knitty

Yarn: Dolce Merino, 50% fine merino wool/50% micro fiber

I liked the pattern, it was super fast as I completed one mitt on the way from Deer Park, WA to Oak Harbor, WA. I worked on the second one during the trip and had both finished before the trip home was completed. Thanks to Husband for driving the entire trip! If the orange looks familiar it is because it was left over from Vinny's mittens. I wasn't sure if I would have enough of the purple for both mitts so I opted to add some color. I would have had enough of the purple but I do love how the purple and orange go so well together. I also really like the Dolce Merino, it seems to hold up well in the wash and is such a treat to knit with.

I have also started March's mittens. They are for me and after knitting child-sized mittens and a pair of fingerless mitts they seem extraordinarily large. However, I am excited to have them and they should be great come winter as they are made of wool.

This picture is slightly dated, already, as I have completed the hand and am currently working on the thumb. I'm not sure how I feel about the pattern at the moment, we're still in the learning/knitting process. Will definitely have more on the subject once I'm finished. Seeing as this is the 21st of March I only have 10 more days to finish the thumb and other mitten.

Pattern: Curly Mittens by Marina Shumway
Yarn: Ella Rae Solids & Marls, 100% wool, 219yds

What I do love about these mittens is of course the curly wrists. I will definitely try and make some for our Princess with the curly edges.

Now I do have a few more knitting projects I'm working on but sadly no pictures as of yet. However, in the two pics I've posted I have shown you one project to come. Yes, the background fabric is the same in both and it wasn't a coincidence. I picked out that fabric to make a wrap-a-round skirt for myself in the event that I have the baby before Easter and I can wear it Sunday. If I am still pregnant on Easter Sunday, well then I'll have made a skirt for postpartum. Actually I've already made two skirts for my post-baby body.

I wish I had a few pics of the kids to show off, but they move faster than I can reach for a camera lately. Perhaps I can bribe them with candy later and take pics.

May you all have a great and blessed day!

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