Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wow! Harder than I thought it would be...

I suppose it is best to start with introductions, though most of you who will read this will know me already. I am Buffy and I’m a believer in our risen Lord Jesus Christ. I have been married for just over eight years and we have four beautiful children and one more coming this spring.

My desire is to uplift and encourage the many Christian parents in cyberspace. Especially those who are struggling along with my husband and I in raising more than the average size family and those with the added blessing of special needs children. I have been to more doctors’ visits this month than I care to count and know I am not alone.

Besides just uplifting, I also want to share the joys of knitting and the ability it has to de-stress a chaotic life by its pure simplicity. For we are all created by a Passionate God for a purpose we are all passionate about.

Me and our daughter Elsbeth

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  1. Yay Buffy! You started a blog. I am looking forward to your posts and getting a little bigger glimpse (bigger than a facebook glimpse anyways) of what's going on in your life.


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